Sunday, 23 April 2017

So You Think You Know Meta Model?

The NLP Conference is now only a few days away and my workshop is on Saturday 29th April.

If you're planning to attend, or even if you can't make it, I thought I'd share two things with you; firstly, the handout that I'll be giving to participants, and secondly my plans for what is going to happen during the workshop.

You'll see the handout on the right.

My plan? I don't really have one.

Very generally, I'll talk a little bit about Meta Model in order to frame the workshop, but other than I have no idea what's going to happen. Someone in the audience will offer a question that they would ask a coach, something that they want more or less of in their lives, and together we will apply Meta Model, live, in real time, unrehearsed, unplanned, and see where it goes.

During the time available, we might get through one or maybe two questions, we'll just have to see how it goes.

Why am I doing this? Because otherwise a 'standard' presentation is boring, contrived, planned, formulaic and doesn't show what I want to show you - that the Meta Model is something to be used in regular, normal conversation, not a tick list of questions that you use 'on' your client.

The Meta Model is dynamic and organic, and you can be using it to achieve an incredible depth of insight that will astound your clients, all without them feeling like they've been interrogated.

So You Think You Know Meta Model? - International NLP Conference, Advanced NLP Stream, Saturday 29th April @ 11:30am

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