Saturday, 18 February 2017

Meta Model Workshop?

I've recently heard that NLP's Meta Model, when used skillfully and thoroughly, is the most important diagnostic technique that enables other interventions to work most effectively, because they are then targeted precisely at the most effective point of change. The problem is that most people aren't properly trained in how to use Meta Model because their trainers didn't understand it themselves.

Whether we're talking about coaching, leadership development, EFT, hypnotherapy, whatever, the most skillful practitioners are the ones who can precisely target the point where their work can have the greatest impact.

To remedy this, I'm thinking about an advanced Meta Model workshop in Florida, to encompass the use of Meta Model as a diagnostic tool and as a means of creating customised interventions in real time.

Right now, the idea is in its infancy and I'm floating it 'out there' to see what feedback I get.

Over to you...

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